The Beyonce Diet? Celebrities Who Found Success on the Master Cleanse

Beyonce probably the most well known user of the Master Cleanse DietFamous faces have turned the Master Cleanse into the new trendy diet on the scene. For instance, Beyonce increased the visibility of the diet tenfold when she used it to drop a few extra pounds before she started filming Dreamgirls.  You might not know it, but she wasn’t the only famous person who used this diet to help with weight loss. Many other famous people used it for a variety of different things. As a preface, the most important thing you have to remember when you’re choosing a diet is that it’s good for you and only you. The input of other people, especially those with a high level of fame, should not matter. Diets effect different people in different ways. Some of them are going to give you the best possible results while others are sure to disappoint. You have to find the diet that’s right for you and stick with it for the duration. Dieting is tough. You have to change your life in a way you never though possible. The fact remains that positive testimonials are still ringing endorsements of the diet in question. You have to determine whether the endorsement was paid for or comes from a genuine place.

Singer Pink went on her trainer’s variation of the Master Cleanse to lose a few pounds for her upcoming tour and wedding to Carey Hart. Ashton Kutcher tried it for unknown reasons, but based on his posts on the popular social media website Twitter, he had a tough time with it. Demi Moore went into the diet with good intentions, but she was only able to last for two days. Oil heiress Ann Getty has stated in the past that she has tried the Master Cleanse more times than she could count and that it’s a common thing in the yoga community. Singer Ashanti completed the 7-day version of the Master Cleanse during her preparations for her role in Resident Evil. Jared Leto used the Master Cleanse as a way to lose the 60 pounds that he gained for the movie Chapter 27. Howard Stern’s sidekick Robin Quivers fasted for 21 consecitve days on three occasions, losing over 70 pounds in the process. Magician David Blaine introduced Quivers to the diet and is an aficionado of the diet himself. Michelle Rodriguez used the Master Cleanse to dispute the claim that she tested positive for alcohol while on probation.

The instances of celebrities using this diet in the paragraph above are merely the confirmed cases. There have been rumors attached to nearly every celebrity in the book in terms of their involvement with the Master Cleanse. Celebrities are under a lot of scrutiny and the way they look is their most important access. They’re always having to prepare for events and movie or television roles. In most cases, famous people use the most healthy ways to drop the pounds, but

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