Can Honey Be Used Instead of Maple Syrup?

Changing the program when you’re on a diet is understandable, especially if it’s one that requires the regular consumption of a beverage of some kind like the Master Cleanse. You don’t have the option to change the ingredients in the daily concoction if you want to achieve the same results you heard about in the success stories. It’s hard to come to grips with the rigorous nature of the Master Cleanse, but it’s something you have to do if you want to reach your weight loss goal. If you’re having a hard time with what the Master Cleanse asks of you, imagine what the future will hold once you’re off of it.

In the case of the maple syrup part of the recipe, you have to use maple syrup only. There’s a reason why Stanley Burroughs, the man who created the Master Cleanse in the 1950s, referred to honey, one of the more popular substitutes, as “predigested bee vomit.” He tried all sorts of ingredients on the road towards coming up with the formula we know and love today. All of the other options didn’t work, so he settled on the ingredients that make up the concoction. You should make sure that you have everything on hand before you start on the diet.

You have to separate yourself from the temptation of wanting to cheat while on the Master Cleanse. It’s such a short diet that you can manage to follow the routine when you’re on it. If you adjust the concoction in any way, you chances at losing the amount of weight that you have read about in the success stories. The quality of the ingredients that you get to make up the concoction makes a big difference as well. For instance, it’s recommended for you to purchase higher grade maple syrup. The cheaper varieties have more sugar and artificial ingredients than the more expensive ones. It’s more or less a matter of what makes up the syrup than how much it costs to buy it.

Everyone goes into a new diet with a lot of expectations. They set a big goal and fall short of reaching it because they’re faced with less than impressive results. It all comes down to the role that the scale plays in their thought processes. Some people look at it on a daily basis and get disheartened because they aren’t seeing impressive returns. Before you start a diet, you should put your scale in a place that’s as far away from you as possible. Do not look at it until the diet is finished. You might want to check in to get some sign of encouragement, but this is the worst possible idea unless you can guarantee that you will lose weight that week in particular. If you have lost weight, you will feel better about yourself. If you fall short, you will question why you decided to get on the diet in the first place. You have to come up with a way of tracking your weight loss that doesn’t derail your progress.

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